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Paint correction beung performed by polishing car paint.

Paint Correction

Showroom perfection

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is simply the process of removing or greatly reducing imperfections found on the surface of the vehicle. These include fine scratches, swirl marks, hologramming and marring. 

The paint correction process itself comprises of removing a very small amount of the vehicles clear coat or paint with a dual action polisher or rotary tool. The paint correction process is a multi stage task that usually takes 1 to 2 steps, with the first step using a heavier compound that will do the heavy removing of defects. Followed by a light polish step to restore the clarity, shine and gloss.

It's important to note that not all defects and imperfections can be removed. Some scratches can be so deep and severe that they cut into the sheet metal underneath. trying to remove these can damage your paint and compromise it's ability to fight off UV rays causing premature oxidation and peeling.

*Special note. All paint correction Includes Exterior Detail package*

1 Step paint correction: 30% - 50% defect removal. Great for daily drivers and all budgets

2 Step paint correction: 60% - 90% defect removal. For those with an eye for perfection

Time to complete 12-24 hours

2 Door Coupe

4 Door Sedan

Small SUV or Hatchback

Large SUV or Truck

1 Step: $200-$300

2 Step: $300-$400

1 Step: $300-$400

2 Step: $400-$600

1 Step: $300-$400

2 Step: $400-$600

1 Step:


2 Step:


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