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Bronze Package Detail by A&E Detailing

Bronze Package

You should not consider this service if your car has gone more than 3 months without being cleaned, or you expect your car to be restored to factory condition. This package is suited for new/well maintained vehicles that are in need of a quick cleaning


What the service will include:

• Power wash 

• Thorough hand wash (using microfiber mitts and 2 bucket method)

• Tire walls and fenders wells

• Wheels

• Clean windows

• Dress tires (shiny but will be dry to the touch with no sling)

• Complete interior vacuum (Including under seats all crevices and Trunk)

• All interior surfaces dusted and wiped cleaned


Time to complete: Approximately 2 hours.

2 Door Coupe

4 Door Sedan

Small SUV  or Hatchback

Large SUV or Truck





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